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My favourite hotels in Bali - how to choose the right hotel in Bali?

How to find that perfect spot when staying in Bali? Which hotel to choose and what are the options?Here are my personal choices of hotels that I have visited. My trick is - check for the tagged pictures under hotel’s profile on Instagram and if those are nice, that is a good sign, DO NOT forget about the comments on Trip Advisor. That is gold people. Have look at my favourite hotels in Bali.

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Bali guide - Moving / traveling to Bali - A to Z Bali guide

Bali bible, Bali A to Z list or Bali tips and tricks - suit yourself.

How to go around Bali, what about visa, what about prices of houses in Bali, when is the right season to go to Bali…? What about, what about…? Hopefully all the questions are answered now.

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Gili Trawangan - Island escape

Gili islands are a very special place to visit. Place where you can’t find cars or motor bikes, to move around you can only use your feet. Place where you can press the reset button and enjoy the peace.

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Food in Bali = #baligasm

Well if I need to chose between beach and food, I will choose food - or choose between food and new dress, I will choose food again. I think you get the picture, right? The reason I love Bali even more is because of it’s food. You can eat on the street or in the cute photogenic breakfast/lunch places or experience fancy cuisine. Bali has it all.

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