Marrakech - hotels

Marrakech is really a special place to visit while exploring Morocco. I spent 4 days in Marrakesh here are my hotel choices.

Staying in old part of the city - medina Marrakech

First hotel I have been staying with was Kitula Marrakech located in the old part of the city known as medina. This option was great because the location was very close to the souk in the middle of old part of Marrakech where you can feel the city vibe. What I found very interesting is that you never know what you can find behind their walls. From the outside, everything looks plain, but when you enter, it can be quite a surprise. It was the same with my first hotel that I was staying at. A bit hard to find, because of all the walls around it, but once I’ve entered, I was thrilled. Amazing terrace for sunrise or sunset and very calm Riad (Riad : also spelled Riyad or RiyadhArabic: رياض‎, pronounced [riːˈɑːdˤ]) is a masculine Arabic word, meaning "meadows", "gardens"" -the meaning of the word has become muddled: a townhouse with rooms around a courtyard is a dar; to be a riad, the house must have a garden, ideally divided into quarters with a central fountain), where you can have a breakfast while birds are singing. Look at the photos below and hopefully you feel my thoughts in pictures.

modern way to experience marrakech - fairmont royal palm marrakech hotel

There are many options when deciding which hotel to book in Marrakech. When staying in Fairmont Marrakech, Moroccan culture is just brought to you. I could stay in this resort for days and not even miss anything from the outside world. Great selection of food, different pool options, golf course, amazing view on the Atlas mountains… After my road trip around Morocco this was the best option to relax, because it was pretty exhausting to drive long hours and I really enjoyed the las days in Marrakech.