8 The most Instagrammable places in London

Let’s keep it real here. Instagram right now has a great impact in the World, weather we are talking about restaurants, fashion places, historical places; it is all over the place. Since I am working as a blogger more and more lately, my London visit was a bit different than usual. My mission was to discover all the cute Instgrammable caffees and create some good content for a fashion boutique Allegria that you can visit in my country called Slovenia.

So let me show you what I’ve discovered in this short time of London visit.


London Tower bridge

London Tower bridge from in front of City hall. I am pretty sure not all of you will climb the wall but even it you only stand by the wall your picture will look perfect.

Here you can find the exact GOOGLE MAPS location.

Spring in london

Flowers are very photogenic and can be found all over around London especially in spring time

pink phone boot with flowers

Before my arrival to London I was making as usual a plan where to take photos and my main goal was to find some cute flowers and catch that spring London vibe. Somehow while going through Instagram explorer page I’ve bumped into this pinkish phone boot. I wasn’t paying too much attention and didn’t notice that it is a part of nail saloon Nail’d it. I have arrived at the location when realising, this pinkish phone box is inside of the saloon. Anyways - it was closed, so the only thing to do was just take some cute photo in front of the “shopping window”. It was a perfect match with my Barbie bodysuit from Bershka. Here you can find the exact location on GOOGLE MAPS.

photogenic cafe saint aymes

This cafe just stole my hear, everything was so photogenic and tasty. For this occasion I have chosen pinkish outfit by Allegira to match interior. Having a breakfast over there is A must, don’t forget to try out Unicorn coffee (you can choose pink or blue one). It is a true sugar bomb but so tasty when I think about it my mouth starts to water! :D

Flowers, Flowers and great food

Like I said, I did a research and my goal was to fill my “Gram” with all the London flowers and at the end I have found so many options it was hard to chose where to go or even which place is my favourite at the end. Food was great at every spot. So you are the one to judge or even better, explore it yourself. On the left you can find the entrance to Dominique Ansel Bakery and on the right Feya Cafe.

Fllowers = check, nice decore = check, nice photo = check, delicious food = check, mission complete = check.


london eye

Lodon has a lot of spots to take photos but one the one with London eye is A must if you ask me. As you can notice it was a windy day in London but that didn’t stop me to jump around in this cute dress by Sugarbird ,found in boutique Allegira from Slovenia.This spot is easy to find and I am pretty sure you don’t need my instructions to get to that point.

notting hill

Notting Hill is a place where you can find the prettiest pastel colourful homes. Whatever colour you are looking for, there is a home for you! Pink, blue, yellow, purple, just name it! Don’t be surprised when seeing a lot of “instagrammers” around those houses. Just please make sure that you do not disturb the owners of the houses. Those are the real homes of some random people. So be respectful. Here you can find the exact address where I have taken my photos.


have you even been to london if you haven’t done a picture with a red phone box?

This is just necessary. You can find them all over the London. There are some famous ones on Covent Garden but since I am not a fan of too many people on my pictures I have just picked a random one when I was walking around London.

Till net time my precious London.

XOXO Reenaah