My favourite hotels in Bali - how to choose the right hotel in Bali?

Where to stay in Bali, that is the question?

How to find that perfect spot for your staying in Bali? Well that is a very personal decision and it all ends with how much money are you ready to spend. To be honest, Bali has it all. You can go around as a backpacker, hipster or as a fancy traveller. There are many, many, many possibilities and options. When I search for the place my last decision goes to social media. I mean it is easy to hire a professional photographer and make best photos ever, right? So what I do is - check for the tagged pictures under hotel’s profile and if those are nice, that is a good sign, DO NOT forget about the comments on Trip Advisor. That is gold people.

Bali is not such a small island as it seems at first. It is very diverse and there is a lot to explore. Here are some favourite hotels of mine which I have visited while going around this beautiful island.

Bali - Uluwatu

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa

Uluwatu is the best place to see the best views and enjoy amazing sunsets if you ask me. Renaissance hotel will not disappoint you. Golden sand and clear blue water meet sun and sky at the exclusive Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa. Commanding spectacular views from high on a hilltop overlooking the Indian Ocean

Bali - kuta

Aryaduta Bali

Kuta is for sure part of the island you don’t want to miss out. Very hectic and crowded with restaurants, bars and small shops. To feel the city vibe of Bali, Kuta is for sure an interesting spot to be at. Aryaduta Bali is superbly positioned hotel destination. Located close to Bali’s most recognized attractions that include an array of cultural and leisure pursuits, Kuta Beach and upmarket shopping in a mall that shares the same grounds as the hotel. Aryaduta Bali is located in South Kuta, minutes from Waterbom Park colorful street side shopping and within close walking distance to the popular Segara Beach. The hotel is just ten minutes from Bali airport and ten minutes

Bali - ubud

Adiwana hotels

There are many options for you to choose from. I was staying in different parts. First I was staying in Adiwana Arkara, which is pretty privat place, where you have your own pool and amazing bathroom but in case you want to meet other guests you can use shared pool as well. This place can be really a romantic get away.

Adiwana Arya

One of the newest in the family of Adiwana hotels. Wake up by the rice field and enjoy the pool by the sunset. I have really loved this place because you can really feel Ubud all the way.

Bali - Canggu

Well if you want to live the trendy life in Bali, than Canggu is something you don’t miss out of your list. Hipsters vibes, surfers, bare feet bikers, cute boutiques all that you can find in Canggu. There was one cute place that really stayed in my mind and I have been to many in Canggu.

Beyond bungalows

If you would like to meet new people and enjoy Balinese interior you will love this boutique place.

Bali - seminyak

Seminyak (area where I locate), area where you feel the city vibe. It's home to among the island's most luxurious resorts. It also hosts a number of fine dining restaurants and boutiques.

Rama residence - padma

If you love roof tops with swimming pool this is a place to be. Perfectly located to explore Seminyak area where you can find a lot of upscale restaurants, bars and feel the city vibe of Bali. My favourite part of staying in Rama Padma residence was working out on the roof top while starring at the amazing view.

Rama residence - petitenget

Rama Residence Petitenget located at exciting Petitenget, Seminyak - Bali, street where there is much to do and explore. The most alive street if you ask me. Two minutes away to the long and white sandy Petitenget Beach, surrounded by sweeping ocean views and spectacular sunsets, adjacent to quality shops, choice cafes and exclusive dining spots. But still if you wish to spend a peaceful day and just chill by the pool as I did, hang out with my friend Flamingo, this place is a perfect spot to do it. You will forget that you are right in the middle of all the happening in Seminyak.

I am pretty sure my list will get longer the longer I will stay around Indonesia- Bali more precise. These are my top picks. Hopefully you do like it.