Sri Lanka - surrounded by nature

Aarunya luxury boutique hotel and spa resort - Aarunya which means “First Rays of the Sun” in ancient Sanskrit

I am in love with hillside of Sri Lanka - fresh air but still warm enough to walk around in bathing suits. I have stopped at this spot, just a bit away from city of Kandy, to enjoy some more of Sri Lanka nature and friendly hospitality. Perfectly located to go around - off the A9 road (Kandy-Dambulla connecting road), just 1 hours drive from both Dambulla and Kandy towns. To explore and drive through Sri Lanka can be pretty exhausting and that was the reason to stop by in Aaruny resort, to get ready for my Sri Lanka train experience, departing from Nuwara Eliya.

Aarunya luxury boutique hotel and spa resort 600m above sea level with only 7 privat villas is a place where you can rest your body and soul. When you decide not to move around but just to relax and get all you need in one place.

Do you wish to have traditional Sri Lanka food? Check!

Do you wish to be active and have yoga with the view on mountains or practice in the gym with a jungle view? Check!

Do wish to have a romantic getaway in jacuzzi? Check!

Do you wish to enjoy your day by the pool with stunning view? Check!

Do you wish to spend a day in the fruit and spice garden? Check!


Enjoying the view in aarunya resort

This view stole my heart. If possible, wake up for the sunrise and observe the most beautiful colours of the sky early in the morning.

Like always I wish I could stay longer and just enjoy my time, but Sri Lanka has so much to offer and after recharging my batteries in Aarunya resort I was ready for the long drive with a train.