Experience hillside getaway in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - country side experience with Mount Havana

Sri Lanka is very diverse. In order to explore the whole island you should take your time, at least three weeks.

After spending some time IN the south-western part of the islands I had a wish to get the feel of a country hillside vibes.

Searching through the internet I have bumped into Mount Havana family build boutique hotel. and decided to give it a chance.


sri lanka hillside escape - mount havana

Surrounded by hills, clear mountain air, panoramic views and tea plantations. The estate also produces, fruits, vegetables, spices & coffee. It has beautiful views over the mountainous terrain, and on clear days you can see Adam’s Peak in the distance.

sri lanka - tea plucking - mount havana

Tea culture is pretty big in Sri Lanka and for me as tea lover that was a great opportunity to have a closer look at the process of a tea plucking. We have walked through herbal garden to reach the tea plantations. I have learned the precision of plucking the leaf just between the bud of a tea plant and how this light green coloured tea leaf can end up making a  golden brew that is loved across the world.

What I loved the most is that all the goods are late on used in prepared meals while staying in the hotel.

experience traditional sri lanka breakfast


Traditional Sri Lanka food experience by Mount Havana

Traditional Sri Lanka food experience by Mount Havana - One of the most popular and traditional food in Sri Lanka are hoppers (called appa as well) in the shape of bowl. They are usually served for breakfast or dinner. One of the most popular ones comes with the egg cooked into the center of the bowl-shaped hopper. You can fill the hopper with the rest of their typical add-ons such as sambar (similar to vegetable stew), sambol (coconut, onion and cilli) served in small multiple dishes. Roll it and eat it. Cooked and served right there on a terrace with a view - it can’t get better than this. Hopefully you do like spicy, cause Sri Lanka is all about that.

To conclude - those two days on hillside brought me completely different experience of Sri Lanka. When visiting country side in hills make sure you bring some warm clothes - air is more fresh and temperature a bit lower. Perfect getaway to take time for nature and yourself <3 .