Nusa Penida guide

Nusa penida -all you need to know

Nusa Penida is quite and adventure, here is my personal experience and all you need to know when visiting this island. Nusa Penida is A must see if you are visiting Bali. It's the biggest island in family of three Nusa islands.

This is definitely a trip into the wild, so make it at least 3 nights long to get the full experience. There is a lot to explore, roads are very challenging and it takes a lot of time to get from the point A to point B. Don’t forget to bring the right footwear (at least sneakers) to do all the hikes. I unfortunately wasn’t aware of the fact that I will do 3 intense hikes in 36hours, including 700 stairs (Peguyangan waterfall), 300m cliff hike (Kelingking “T-rex”) and another 200m cliff (Seganing fall) hike. So I was wearing flip flops. At one point it gets really dangerous and you need to use your hands and legs to help yourself climbing. But trust me - it was absolutely worth it! Hopefully I didn't discourage you :D See the pictures below as they speak a 1000 words..

Let’s go back to the very beginning of my trip.

Transport - Nusa Penida

Since I am located in Bali right now, my speed boat departs from Sanur. There are a lot of options and different companies that you can travel with. My experience with Crown Fast Boat was just perfect, it costs approx. 600k IDR to get to Nusa Penida and back to Bali.

Once you reach the coast of Nusa Penida, you will be greeted by locals trying to sell you snorkeling activity, private tours, private drivers, motor bikes etc…

I have decided to rent a motor bike and it was a bit risky, as the roads were pretty awful. At one point I was asking myself if I made the right decision. If you rent one, make sure it is a good quality one. I was driving on N-max which is pretty ok and it costed me 150K IDR for 36h (it was pricier than most of them). Roads are very rough, sometimes there are rocks only. If you are NOT a good driver, I think its better to hire a local driver that is familiar with this kind of driving conditions. - Do not forget to negotiate the price.

Things to do in Nusa Penida

  1. Kelingking “T-rex” - nusa penida

    Entrance: 10k IDR

    Parking: /

    This is the most instagramable view point in Nusa Penida. Cliffs in shape of Tyrannosaurus Rex at Kelingking Secret Point Beach are everyones favorites. “Kelingking actually translates into English meaning Pinkie a term referencing the smallest finger on the hand. Just like a pinkie promise, the land does also appear to take the form of a Kelingking or pinkie finger. However, it is the comparison to the T-Rex that has caused this location to become so popular.”

    Before you decide to do the Kelingking “T-rex” cliff hike down to the beach; On the way down safety of a road is reliant on the bamboo railing. Somewhere along the road there are no rails at all. Try to wear a suitable footwear! I wasn’t aware of the difficulty of the road and went down with flip flops - luckily arrived safely but please do NOT do that! It can be dangerous!! When you come down to the bay it is worth of all the struggle. Ocean’s color is turquoise and it feels so good to throw yourself in the water and cool off after a hike. Beach is just stunning! It took me 45 min to get down to the beach and approx. 60min to get back on the top!

    I am pretty sure you will be thirsty once you reach the beach - you can buy water from locals but they will charge you triple price for that, so if possible bring it with you. A lot of people ran out of water at just right before you reach the top again in the end of the hike and felt dizzy. So be prepared and careful.

2. Atuh beach - nusa penida

Entrance: 10k IDR

Parking: 5k IDE

For all of those who don’t like to walk around too much and are visiting Nusa just to take nice photos, you will love this spot. A walk to the beach is pretty easy, especially comparing it to “T-rex”. After Atuh beach I went right next to the Thousands islands view point and Tree house view point, which is 5 min away with the bike/car.

3. Thousand Islands view AKA PULAU SERIBU & Tree house view - nusa penida

Entrance: 5k IDR

Parking: Free


Once you pay the entrance fees it gives you the access to the Thousand islands view point and a very popular place of tree house point view. Walking down to the point will take you approx. 10 minutes or so. First you will reach the view point of Thousand Islands also known as Pulau Seribu (literally translation - Thousand Islands).

I went there 2 times, once I was there during daytime and the second time I went for the sunrise which supposed to be amazing but unluckily it started to rain so I couldn’t visit any of the other spots that day. That is the reason my picture doesn’t look as good as it should but at lest I can say I got up at 4am just to catch the "sunrise". Now I can call myself officially a blogger (laugh). Keep in mind that the sun position is changing and if you are planing to catch one of those great locations for sunrise make sure which one is suitable for that part of the year. My advice - ask locals where to go, they know the best.


Few steps down there is also a very well known spot Treehouse point view. House in the picture is not used as a hotel, but the rest near by tree houses you can rent out and wake up to the stunning views of Thousands Islands. Heads up - if you are planning to book one, do it at least half of a year before your arrival, it is pretty busy lately.

After we went to have a look at the Crystal bay. Roads again were very rough and difficult and it takes a lot of time to get from one point to another that is the main reason to take 3 days for Nusa Penida. Along the road there are many local places where you can get yourself a proper meal. Prices are very friendly. Usually one Nasi Goreng meal (which is typical Indonesian meal including fried rice with vegetable and meat in my case tofu) costs approx. 15k to 30k, it all depends how "modern” the place looks like.

4. broken beach - nusa penida


Entrance: /

Parking: 5k IDR

I am sure this is one of the most interesting rock formation that you will ever see and one of the reasons why is so popular. Broken Beach name comes from the shape of the rock. The arch at Broken Beach has been formed over many, many years and it's now a true spectacle. From above the cove appears almost circular. Sorry to disappoint you guys but there is no swimming options around this beautiful creation of mother nature or to come down to the beach part. My friend dropped his phone right here where my photo was taken. There was no way to go down and grab it. Locals were laughing at us when we asked for suggestions.. So the phone stayed there. All we have is a funny memory and great pics.

5. crystal bay - nusa penida

Entrance: 5k IDR

Parking: depends of the time of the arrival at 5pm there was non

Crystal bay beach is the perfect spot to end your day trip. Known for the views of palm trees. If you feel like chilling on the beach, swimming, have some local food and maybe go snorkeling- you are at the right place. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of time to do that because of the weather but it is for sure on my list for next time. There is high possibility to find beautiful Manta Ray’s in the Ocean.

I have for the sunset and the beach was almost empty. Perfect to enjoy in peace and silence.

6.Peguyangan waterfall - nusa penida

Entrance: / need to pay for sarong 5k IDR

Parking: 5k IDR

Another beautiful spot on the south part of Nusa Penida, famous by the view of blue stairs. Pugayang Waterfall is at the very end of the blue stairs by the temple. - You need to borrow a sarong and wear it to respect the tradition. The sacred temple is based on water blessing. In order to receive the blessing you need to clean yourself under the waterfall. It takes 700 stairs to come down to the very end, approx. 20 min and then another 30 min to get back on the top. It takes quite an effort to get back there. Stairs are pretty intense and sometimes tricky to walk on.

With it being more of a religious shrine than a waterfall, many people are disappointed by the end result. But the views on the walk down via the famous Nusa Penida blue stairs more than make up for it.

7. seganing waterfall - nusa penida

Entrance: /

Parking: 5k IDR

If you are not a hiking or heights fan, skip this one for sure. I was sweating like a pig, hoping not to fall down, climbing using my hands and legs and yes - still wearing flip flops. The struggle was real and to be honest after seeing almost all of the islands I wasn’t that impressed by the view anymore, since I was looking at different cliffs for 2 days in row. But if you are in the mood for some adrenalin and exploring the island to the fullest - go for it. In the very end you can find something very similar to the pool and chill there after the hike. Don’t be surprised when you realise that this “waterfall” is just a regular water pipe - my description. Have a look at the pictures and you be the judge.

8. Accommadation - nusa penida


I was staying in two different places and I can't decide which one I liked better. First place where I was staying was Apit Lawang villa. Amazing breakfast, especially banana pancakes were mind blowing. Not to mention all the cute animals including cows and dogs to be seen around. Very peaceful and relaxing spot.

One night costs 400k IDR.


The second one where I have stayed is called Bakung Cozy Cottage. I felt like I was in a fairytale! Cute white cottages surrounded by nature. Each cottage has a cute patio, where you can seat and enjoy the view. Staff was super friendly and helpful.

One night costs 429k IDR.

Nusa Penida offers a lot. Roads are wild and rough, hikes are crazy hard, views are amazing, food is super cheap, you can find pigs, cows and roosters all over the place, internet is very slow and a lot of locals don’t even speak English - but after all that is where all the magic happens. Nusa Penida has my heart.