Bali guide - Moving / traveling to Bali - A to Z Bali guide

Useful tips before moving to Bali.

There are certain things you need to know, especially if it's your first time visiting bali. I do get a lot of questions about it on daily basis, starting with "what is the best website to purchase plane tickets, to how much is the rent etc.

  1. Where to buy my plane tickets?

    First of all- I always check different options. I check one way ticket, round trip and than compare. It helps to be flexible with dates, thats is the easiest to find the best option. I use 2 websites (apps), one is the and the second one is The most common question I get is “how much did you pay for your ticket?”. I mean prices vary and it all depends how much are you willing to spent and how comfortable you want your traveling to be (layovers, stops, meals..). I paid for mine cca 700€ flying with Emirates with only one stop, departing from Zagreb (Croatia) airport.

  2. Bali / Indonesia travelling visa

    When travelling to Indonesia, the longest you can stay in the country is 60 days. If you are planing to stay 30 days or less, you don’t need a visa. If you think you might want to stay longer than 30 days, you need to purchase a Visa upon Arrival at the airport for approx. 30 EUR. If you don’t do it there, you will not be able to extend your visa later on. When you are closer to 30 days (27 days) in the country you should find an agent who can arrange your extension. It costs cca 650k IDR to pay for the service and visa in total.

  3. Housing in Bali - how much it cost to rent a villa

    Bali is very different from area to area. First you need to choose where do you want to live. Right now one of the most popular ones is Canggu - where all the surfers, hipsters and tattoo lovers are usually based. Second place by popularity goes to Seminyak (area where I locate), area where you feel the city vibe. It's home to among the island's most luxurious resorts. It also hosts a number of fine dining restaurants and boutiques. Than Ubud - is often described as the cultural heart of Bali. Ubud village itself can be quite busy but surrounding Ubud you will find beautiful rice fields and the most beautiful nature. All the nicest pictures showing Bali nature are made in Ubud. Very spiritual place and yoga oriented. Kuta - part which I find very hectic with a lot of shops and very industrial. Not my favorite part for sure. Let's not forget Uluwatu, where all the nicest beaches, luxury villas and amazing cliffs are. If you would like to have some time off and spending it in some luxury resort - Uluwatu is the place to be. There are lots of options, but if you are just planing to visit as a tourist, you should try see them all.

    I am in a sharing villa in Seminyak, that is a very common thing to do. Prices went up, because of a lot of digital nomads and “western” people moved to Bali so it is not as cheap as it used to be. Like I said, I am sharing a two bedroom villa, with a pool, privat bathroom, including cleaning lady (every day) and all facilities (electricity is very expensive) and it costs me 6 mio IDR per month (approx. 350 EUR). That is a very good price, for the place with that amenities and service. In Canggu it would be very hard to get that kind of offer. It starts with 8 mio IDR per month. 

  4. Where to find good housing in Bali

    Sure AirBNB, Booking and all the rest of the “famous” websites are offering more than enough options to rent a place, but what most of the people do not know is, that there are certain groups on Facebook, where a lot of locals and people who live in Bali are offering cheaper places to stay. Join the groups! It will help you a lot - not just questions regarding apartments but all the general questions about Bali. 

  5. Mobile services

    ndonesian SIM card can be purchased at the airport, or at the shops around touristic areas for about 100,000 rupiah. It will give you 4G of internet usage. The best suppliers are myXL and Telekomsel. There are many different package options to chose from. Personally I Am using Telkomsel for 200k IDR which includes 45GB of internet (and YES I need it, but mostly people don’t need that much).

  6. Transport in Bali - How to roll around Bali

Traffic is the worst thing in Bali - it is just horrible. The sooner you accept it, less stressful for you!


First of all- people drive on the left! But than I thought it will be worse than it was. First 2 weeks I wasn’t driving myself, I was using GoJek and Grab (details below). It helped me a lot to just get around the city when I was still very unfamiliar with it. I got used to it pretty quick and it feels like driving on the left is not that of a big deal anymore.

Other thing is, most of the people are driving a motor bike. If you don’t want to be stuck in a traffic, start using it. Getting around with a car is just impossible. You will lose a lot of time. Btw- back home in my country I have NEVER even tried to ride a bike and here I go, learning in a place I would never imagine. Just don’t panic!:) A lot of locals don’t even owe a drivers license but they do drive good! You will be surprised how hectic traffic looks like but yet nobody is being nervous or impatient on the road. You will hear just a short honk sound when somebody is trying to overtake your lane, which means, be careful and that is it. If you don’t know how to behave in traffic, just follow the crowd. That is my advice.

If you are staying here for a long term you should rent your own bike. Don't buying one- rent it. I drive Scoopy bike and my monthly price is 600k IDR, helmet included. If possible buy yourself a new helmet, because it can be very unhygienic to wear a helmet that many people wore and sweat in.

Let me go back to GOJek and Grab. These 2 are like Uber, just the Indonesian version. Download an app and just order yourself a ride. Ohh and let me not forget that you can order food delivery as well with the same apps. Another thing to warn you about is that there are certain areas where GOJek and Grab are not allowed to enter. Local drivers are against them, because of the competition with a privat driver. It is ridiculously cheap but keep in mind that especially at night, they will not be accessible at certain locations. - Canggu for example.

In case you are going to any further locations, forget about those apps and order yourself a privat car.

I think you have enough tips for the beginning. If any other questions - you know where to find me.