Katarina Bencek


It all started when...

- My story -

Fact is every story has a beginning. But the question is, where exactly should you start telling one. Let's start with Reenaah. It was established in 2016 while I was living in Los Angeles. A period of my life when I went across the Ocean to find myself, to recreate myself - to discover who I am... because if I'm honest I was pretty lost and this trip helped me - BIG time. I was spending a lot of time alone, cruising around the city and thinking, what kind of life I want and choose to live.

I've always known that I have a certain gift for aesthetics. By that time I decided to focus on my Instagram profile, read as much as possible about digital marketing, try to take some good photos and see where it's going to take me.


- eventually all the dots will connect -


At a certain point I had to go back to reality, to my country Slovenia where all of my family and friends are. I came back home and announced to everyone that I was going back as soon as I sort my papers out for studies in LA.

Few hours before my flight, when I was supposed to leave Slovenia and move back to LA, something in my heart just couldn't let me do it. On that particular day, the very last day in my beloved city, for whole day long, one thought was resonating in my head. Very loudly.

Let me explain. My mom has her own clothing boutique for more than a decade. Since I can remember, even as a child, I was going around with her when she was making orders for her store and in between I was choosing stuff for my sister and me. My main goal was to find something that nobody else could have. Something different. That was possible, since I was right at source. The source of clothing industry.  Finding something that people will start wearing after a while - I was so good at it. In a way I was a trendsetter.

And just right before I was supposed to leave, actually move to LA, there I was. Shopping with my mom for the last time. To stock myself with abnormal dosage of clothing for my new life in LA.

Then and there THE thought was born. That feeling inside me: "You should open your own clothing store." Day by day that thought resided in my head. I tried to ignore it and tried to think about my new life in LA, how great it was and will be. However this idea haunted me again and again and again. On the very last day Idea got a life of its own. It literally started screaming in my head: "Don't go, don't go!!! Open that dream of yours!"

I stayed. I postponed my flight...

- and so, she decided to start living the life she imagined -

I opened it, my Urbani Obsalnik. That feeling having something of my own - the best one so far. I tried to do a lot of things in my life, but this felt like home. When you truly do what you love, time flies. I enjoy every minute of it, even on difficult days. I don't consider myself only as a sales person, I consider myself more of a consultant or of a stylist. I like to dress people to make them feel good. With my posts I will try to give you some ideas about outfits. And sometimes I will post random things. This web page is an extension of my Urbani Obesalnik, of my work, lifestyle and thoughts.... My main goal is to show all the girls around the World that you can do it. Whatever that is. With the right will and intention.

- you are entirely up to you -

Welcome to my World.