Summer essentials

We were waiting far too long, for the summer to arrive and finally it's here. I am from Slovenia and since we have four seasons, summer is the one we are anticipating the most. Countdown for the coats to come off and the shorts to put on. I put together some of my favourite pieces for summer 2018. 


1. ONE-piece swimsuit 

Thanks to the Universe - one-piece swimsuits are still the s**t! For all of us who don't like to show off too much of our "perfect" bodies on the beach, this is best solution and it can look very stylish. 

2. JEANS over all

If you follow me on social media, it is pretty obvious that jeans is just my thing. It is a necessary item for the summer. Weather we are talking about boyfriend oversized jeans shorts, high waisted shorts or jeans skirts. It very easy to wear them - jeans + swimsuit, jeans + hoodie, jeans + high hills ; you can make it look classy or casual. It's up to you. Here are few of my summer looks. 


Protect your skin! At lest protect your face. For summer time I am not a big makeup fan but I do use FREZYDERM Velvet sunscreen. It has a strong protections and very light texture, offers a matte appearance for 6 hours, softens the appearance of wrinkles - what more can you ask for? It's just always in my bag :D 


4. Tummy Tea Tox

Well.. I admit I am a foodie person. Fist thing I check when I am about to travel is where are the best restaurants. Before summer starts - the struggle is real when I need to break the ice and put on the swimming suits. This year Tummy Tea Tox was my savour. It was very easy to get to the result I wanted!


Everything ends with the details. Since I started wearing watches again - CLUSE are my favourite ones. This summer I'm obsessed with white nail polish, and what goes better with white nails than white CLUSE La Garcone watch. Add some rings and your are ready to rock this summer!