My latest obsession · high waisted pants·


High waisted pants – my life saver

A year ago I finally got my appetite back and as 1 plus 1 equals 2, eating a lot of food equals weight gain. Especially after my stay in the USA. Pretty sure you have heard it before – the States hasn’t got any decent healthy food, especially in the eye of an European who can grow their own food behind every corner. 

When I came back to Slovenia the struggle began. Appearing in familiar places, where everyone knows everyone since Slovenia has only approximately 2 million inhabitants. I was desperately trying to avoid that nerve-wracking sentence "Oh, you look… you ate well in last year, haven’t you?". Thinking about hiding my naturally acquired waist floating devices took some time and effort. Finally I remembered that I have one high waisted black pair of pants. Light bulb went on. We became BFFs in no time. The relationship eventually deepened and at this point I own approximately (oh, the shame!) 20 pairs of high waisted paints in every possible shape and color.

- Everything comes back in style… eventually -


Some historic facts...

With that being said, high waisted pants are something I can't live without. Let me praise them with some facts…

In early 50's this type of pants was called cigarette type of trousers. Back then these life-saving trousers were the one of the first women were allowed to wear publicly. Before that it was a taboo for women to wear pants.

It’s easy to love them, since you can combine them with everything. I wear them with high heels, sneakers or slippers. They seem to fit in anywhere. For some inspiration or pure idea-stealing have a scroll down the page. Yes, it’s me in the photos. I think my weight is fine (simultaneously cleaning bits of donut from my keyboard).