Why have I packed my bags and moved to Bali?

Mostly we just read about these empowering quotes “quitting your job, buying a ticket and never returning back home”.. I never thought this would actually become my reality.



Heads up- this is not a post about Bali, it is about me making a decision to move to Bali.

Why and how did this happen?

It’s been years since I was dreaming about how I would just travel the World, moving from one place to another, changing different countries, exploring cultures, food, beautiful locations.. But as for most of the people- that was just a dream.

FEW months ago…

I turned 31 a couple of months ago. I was running my own business and I was working my a*s off to make it a success. I wanted to feel that feeling of success of financial independence feeling of being your own boss, feeling of achievement that your hard work matters. After a certain time something unexpected happened. I wasn’t happy... Why so? I had everything that was equaling to success.. I was lost. My perception of a “personal success” was equal to “success in business” and when I have reached the point of my dreamed “success” I have realised I am not happy - not at all.
I started to observe my life from a different angle and realising I was dead inside. I was running around all day long, from one errand to another, not having any time to sit down for a bit and take a moment for myself, my friends my family and just to even appreciate.  My days were like: wake up, work, eat, work, go to sleep, repeat. I was doing that the same routine 7 day per week. Yes 7! Even on Sundays.

Of corse on the outside everything looked amazing. I come from a very small country and town where everyone knows everyone and we all know everything about everyone…so who ever I have mentioned that I am not happy and that I have a plan to leave the country, they were shocked! Because for them I had a dream life. I was traveling a lot, eating good food, going from one event to another and had my own business. But still I couldn’t feel that happiness for real. To maintain my status and “dream life” I didn’t have time for my family or friends or even my dogs. I was always joking that I can have only imaginary boyfriend because I don’t have time for real one. My day was starting at 8 am and was finished at 8pm. I hope you get the picture.

At one point I have asked myself a very simple question. “Is that the life you imagined for yourself ?” . It didn’t take me a second to answer - that answer was a clear “NO”. 
I knew that meant-  a change is coming.

One of my favourite quotes is “if you don’t like where you stand, move, you are not a tree”.

There was a voice in my head that we call intuition, the voice that is usually directing me and overpowering the “rational voice” and this time my intuition was screaming - Just go! Travel! The World is big and beautiful. Why should we be in the same place our whole lives? Why do we even have this rule?!?! Why should I stay at that point in my life where I am if I am not happy. I will not be that person.
And so it happened.. I quit my job, packed all my belongings in boxes, sell what was possible to sell and buy a one-way ticket to Bali!

Maybe you are asking yourself why I am I even sharing this story. Because maybe there is somebody living similar life as I was and doesn’t have that courage to do it. And maybe after reading this, something will change. Just because you feel the fear doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Do it afraid! But if you feel it in your bones, that you need to do something, don’t ignore it!

Right now I am living on Bali and I can say that I don’t have the financial security as I had when I was running my own business but I feel much more alive and much more happy. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face. And that’s what matters most.


Cause I have never been there! :) I wanted something completely different than where I am coming from. I needed different vibe, something “chill” and relaxed. I needed my time off, let me correct myself, I still need time off but I have the urge to explore around. I wanted something affordable with everlasting summer.. And just like that, the voice in my head picked - Bali. 

To be continue... :)



So here I am almost a week now. Can’t say much about it yet except that the food is delicious, people are very diverse and I am in peace.