I have lost weigh - my experience with Tummy - Tox

"it's all fun and games until your jeans don't fit any more"

Ok let’s first clear this out: there is NO magic trick or a secret recipe that will make you lose weight in a week, but there are some tips I can give you what I did that helped me.

Before summer started I knew it I needed to change my eating habits and getting rid of the extra pounds.

What worked for me:


1. I started drinking water every morning! First thing when you wake up, have a glass of water and one before every meal. 

2. Use Tummy - tox products.  Every night and every morning I've drank Daily Kick & Sleep Tight Tea - which helped me to a flat stomach, increased my metabolism and detoxed my body. The hardest part to lose for me was always my tummy! That is why  Tummy - Tox sliming gel is my favourite. It helps you burn fat on a certain area you apply and decreases cellulite. 

If you are thinking of trying it out- here is a 20% with my code: KATARINA20 on whatever products you choose above 20€ purchase on Tummy-Tox web page

3. I have eaten only 1/3 time of the day. Meaning; after breakfast I had only 8 hours left per day of eating. After those 8 hours on I have been only drinking water.

To be honest I haven't exercise a lot, only tennis once or twice a week and that was it.  

4. I’ll share my list of meals that were often on the menu. Ohh and I am Pescatarian!- meaning, vegetarian who eats fish. 


- chia seeds in almond milk with nuts, goji berries and dates

- banana with almond butter 

-poached egg with avocado

-mixed avocado with tuna and boiled eggs served on wholewheat bread


Lunch and Dinner:

- chickpeas with rice mixed with onion and tofu 

- grilled salmon with vegtables

- lots of lots of salad

- lots of lots of water


5. In the end everything ends with discipline. Like I said- there is no magic trick. You need to be persistent and the results will show. It took me around 3 months to be back in shape!! 


Good luck : D