Valentines day is over - now we can go back to being "normal" again!

To do list on Valentines day! 

Firstly I was thinking about writing a cute Valentines day post and then realized that that is just not me. It is not my style.  


    My opinion on Valentines day - a day when all the couples are in love, hearts are all over the place and there is cuteness overload. 


To do list on Valentines day :

1. If you do have a boyfriend please post at least three photos of you two together on social media and let us all know how full of love your relationship is. Don't forget HASHTAG #couplegoals! Then make sure you take a picture of every ridiculously expensive gift you got from your boyfriend (of course there was paparazzi hiding in a bush while you were opening your precious gifts and luckily now you have some material for new IG post) and make all the other girls jealous of the life you have. 

2. All the single ones, don't forget to post at least one mem/quote on your instagram about how being single on Valentines day is f**king awesome or not. Well now everyone knows that your single - attention please! Maybe that can change shortly. Let us all just pray for it #fingercrossed HASHTAG!

3. The last and the best one for sure is to swipe your Valentines day off! Take your time and download all the dating apps of the world. Start with Tinder, continue with Happn and end with Bumble. And just swipe it, swipe it, swipe it! Left, right, left right, maybe you end up with a new date. Why go out and meet some new people or approach somebody in person if that all is easier with - just swiping. 

Ok lets be honest here, I am looking at this phenomena of Valentines day, it's really insane what it did to us, all of us. Some people feel lonely, some feel special and some don't even notice that day is anyhow different from the others - if you ask me, these people are the happiest. I can't stop thinking that all this is pretty exaggerated and overrated. People don't know how to enjoy privacy anymore. But suit yourself. 

What did I do? Well took some photos - what else :D





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