High waisted pants

- Everything comes back into style, eventually -

I was thinking about fashion cycle and how many times I've heard this sentence"when I was your age, 20 years ago we were wearing the same clothes like you are today". That is my first association when I get the image of cigarette pants in my head.

High waisted trousers or pants are something I can't live without lately. In early 50's this type of pants was called cigarette type of trousers. Back then they appear for the first time, one of the first styles of pants women were somehow "allowed" publicly to wear. Before that time it was a taboo for woman to wear pants. Can you imagine?

Just love them! So easy to combine with everything. I wear them with high heels, sneakers or slippers. They seem to fit anywhere. I love to mix elegant style with casual one. Here are some different looks that I was wearing last weeks.

- high waisted trousers combined with slippers and crop top -


- completely elegant -

Katarina Bencek